When buying coffee, for us as a consumer, perhaps the most important guide and determinant is the Coffee Profile, that is, the unique combination of Taste and Aroma that we expect to get from the finished coffee. And although Coffee is a phenomenon well known to all of us, it should be noted that it is not so simple in its essence and has many nuances that need to be discovered and studied. From the point of view of taste and aroma, Coffee can be compared to wine, and from the point of view of brewing, to beer. Like grapes, coffee acquires special nuances of taste and aroma while growing in different climatic conditions. And just as different types of beer are obtained from different degrees of roasting of barley, different tastes and aromas of coffee preparations are obtained from different degrees of roasting of coffee. The reason is that during the roasting process, various chemical reactions take place inside the coffee bean, forming the image of the taste and aroma of the subsequent infusion. It should also be noted that the water with which it is prepared has a great influence on the taste and aroma of the end result.

In order to highlight the quality characteristics of coffee in this highly competitive market and to gain a positive attitude from customers, Coffee Companies are working to provide as much information as possible about the Coffee Profile by placing it on their product packages.

As you can already guess, the final taste and aroma of coffee are influenced by both natural factors (type of coffee, climatic conditions of growing, processing method, etc.) and technical factors (degree of roasting, grind size, water, etc.). As a result, the so-called Coffee Characteristics or Coffee Profile is formed, which has the following components:

Aroma is the smell that spreads during the preparation of coffee. It should be noted that in general, more than 90 percent of the “taste” of any food or drink is felt by olfactory receptors called chemoceptors. Arabica beans mostly have floral or fruity notes, while Robusta beans have earthy and charcoal notes. And in general, the Aroma of Coffee can be Ashy, Earthy, Nutty, Herbal, Floral, Citrus, Fruity, Chocolaty, Caramelly.

Body or Mouthfeel is the sensation in the mouth that occurs when drinking coffee. It can also be called Viscosity, Thickness or Stickiness. And since everyone perceives this feeling differently, it is somewhat difficult to explain. Can be Weak or Light, Medium or Balanced, Full or Heavy. In the case of Low Density, the feeling on the tongue is more “delicate” and “watery”, in the case of Medium Density, there is a more “syrup” or “creamy” feeling, and in the case of Full Body, the feeling is more “oily” or “tart”. .

Acidity or Taste: Acidity should not be confused with sourness. Acidity is the sensation that occurs in the senses at the back of the jaw when sipping coffee. It can be Sweet, Sour and Bitter. For example, dry-processed coffee has a sweeter taste, while wet or washed coffee is more sour. Light roast coffee is more sour, medium roast coffee is sweeter, and strong roast coffee is bitter.

Aftertaste (Finish): The aftertaste of coffee is the feeling of the aftertaste that occurs in the mouth immediately after taking a sip of coffee and lasts for a certain time. Aftertaste of coffee can be Sweet, Bitter, Sour and sometimes Spicy. And although it is difficult to see a direct connection between the aftertaste and any factor that forms it, it is often the aftertaste that determines whether the coffee was good or not.

Bouquet: Getting the bouquet right requires a certain skill that can be acquired with practice. Bouquet is the combination of taste nuances that is felt when drinking coffee. Sometimes when drinking coffee, you can feel a distinct flavor, for example, citrus, caramel or chocolate. In this case we are dealing with Simple Bunch. Sometimes you can feel a mixture of several flavors or aromas at the same time. This case is called Mix or Mixed Bunch. It is definitely difficult to say whether the Simple Bunch is better or the Mixed Bunch, because each one has its own beauty and its own lovers.

We hope that this knowledge will help you to outline and find the Coffee Profile that suits your unique taste.

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