·     Drink Type: Semi Warm

·     Drink Base: Espresso Coffee

·      Milk Presence: Yes

·      Serving Size: 120 ml

·      Caffeine Content: About 94 mg

·      Nutritional Value: 90-100 Cal.

·     Espresso Coffee: 60 ml (2 Portions);

·     Condensed Milk: 60 ml (2 Portions);

·      Milk Foam: 1-2 Table Spoon։

·      Cocoa Powder: As needed;

1) Prepare 2 portions of Espresso coffee in advance;

2) Pour into a glass;

3) Without hurrying, add the condensed milk to the coffee by straining it;

4) Wait until the condensed milk falls to the bottom of the glass;

5) Add the milk foam with a spoon;

6) If desired, add cocoa powder;

7) Before drinking, mix the obtained mass;

8) Enjoy.

  • Café Bombon originated in Valencia, Spain;
  • In the Canary Islands, Café Bombon is served as Café Canarió;
  • Café Bombon is drunk immediately after mixing so that it does not get cold.

W A R N I N G !

The given numerical values are average and may differ from the actual values.