·     Drink Type: Cold

·     Drink Base: Drip Coffee

·     Milk Presence: No

·     Serving Size: 240 ml

·     Caffeine Content: About 100-120 mg

·     Nutritional Value: 80-90 Cal.

·     Drip Coffee: 120 ml (1/2 Cups);

·     Ice Cubes: 50 Grams;

·     Honey: 1 Table Spoon;

·     Lemon: 1 Piece։


1) Prepare drip coffee in advance;

2) Pour ice into a glass;

3) Add the honey;

4) Cut a lemon into two parts and squeeze one part over ice;

5) Add the coffee to the cup and mix;

6) Cut the other part of the lemon into thin slices and add them into the glass.

7) Enjoy.

  • Mazagran was created in the 1840s in Algeria;
  • Mazagran got its name from the castle with the same name in Algeria;
  • Mazagran is very popular especially in Portugal.

W A R N I N G !

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