·     Drink Type: Hot

·     Drink Base: Espresso Coffee

·      Milk Presence: Yes

·      Serving Size: 180 ml

·      Caffeine Content: About 125 mg

·       Nutritional Value: 120 Cal.

·     Espresso Coffee: 60 ml (2 Portions);

·     Whipped Milk: 120 ml (4 Portions);

·      Sugar: 1-2 Tea Spoons


1) Preheat the milk on the gas stove;

2) Beat it until the volume increases by about 20 percent;

3) Let the foam on the milk “settle down”;

4) Prepare 2 portions of Espresso Coffee;

5) Pour Espresso into the cup;

6) Slowly add milk to the Espresso until a thin layer of foam 1-2 centimeters (1/2-3/4 inches) thick is obtained at the top of the glass;

7) If necessary, add sugar;

8) Enjoy.

  • Flat White spread from Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s;
  • Flat White is a strong drink that is always served in small glasses;
  • Flat White differs from Latte and Cappuccino in the amount of milk and foam.

W A R N I N G !

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